CBRN & HAZMAT - General Information


HazMat training in Alberta: An on - going process

GNYHA Emergency Preparedness Resource Center

HazMat for Healthcare

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Emergency Preparedness and Response page

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Mass Casualty Event Preparedness and Response

FDA Bioterrorism & Drug Preparedness

ORISE-REAC/TS Site: Managing Radiation Emergencies for PREHOSPITAL Emergency Services

ORISE-REAC/TS Site: Managing Radiation Emergencies for HOSPITAL Emergency Services

Medical Management of Radiological Casualties Handbook

Department of Homeland Security Working Group on Radiological Dispersal Device (RDD) Preparedness Medical Preparedness and Response Sub-Group 5/1/03 Version

Hospital Preparedness: Most Urban Hospitals Have Emergency Plans but Lack Certain Capacities for Bioterrorism Response

Regionalization of Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Summary - Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Treatment of Biological Warfare Agent Casualties

Medical Aspects of Biological Warfare

Medical Aspects of Chemical Warfare

Michigan State Medical Society - Biodefense Resource Center

Texas Medical Association - Bioterrorism Resource Center

American Academy of Family Physicians - btresponse.org

American College of Physicians - Bioterrorism and Disaster Preparedness

Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology - Bioterrorism Resources

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Foodborne Illness page

National Disaster Medical System Website

Recognition of Illness Associated with the Intentional Release of a Biologic Agent

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