CBRN & HAZMAT - medical hazmat response plans

ABC's of Bioterrorism - Bioterrorism Patient Care

Acute Radiation Syndrome: A Fact Sheet for Physicians

An Approach to Terrorism Preparedness: Parkland Health and Hospital System

Are you prepared to respond to bioterrorism?

Biological Agents as Weapons-Medical Implications-Countermeasures & Decontamination

Biological Warfare and its Cutaneous Manifestations

Bioterrorism Emergency Planning and Preparedness Questionnaire for Healthcare Facilities

Bioterrrorism Readiness Plan: Template Healthcare Facilities

Case Definitions for Infectious Conditions Under Public Health Surveillance

Case Definitions for Public Health Surveillance

CBRNE - Evaluation of a Biological Warfare Victim

Chemical Terrorism Event Specimen Collection

Chemical Weapons

Collaboration Between Public Health and Law Enforcement-New Paradigms and Partnerships for Bioterrorism Planning and Response

Community-Based Mass Prophylaxis - Planning Guide for Public Health Preparedness (DOC)

Coordinating a Multiple Casualty Critical Incident Within a Hospital

Dose Estimates and Other Compendia

Drug Preparedness and Response to Bioterrorism

Elements of Effective Bioterrorism Preparedness

Emergency Department Management of Radiation Casualties

Epidemiology of Bioterrorism

Facts about DPTA

Facts about Neupogen

Guidance for Protective Actions Following a Radiological Terrorist Event

Guidance for Radiation Accident Management

Guidelines Hospital Response to Mass Casualties from a Radiological Incident

HAZMAT for Health Care: Management of the Contaminated Patient

Health Care Planning for Chemical and Biological Terrorism

Hospital Communications in a Mass Casualty Event

Hospital Triage in the First 24 Hours after a Nuclear or Radiological Disaster

Managing Hazardous Materials Incidents Volume I

Medical Aspects of Biological Terrorism

Medical Aspects of Chemical and Biological Warfare

Neurological Aspects of Biological and Chemical Terrorism

Nuclear Terrorism & Health Effects

Possible Health Effects of Radiation Exposure on Unborn Babies

Potassium Iodide (KI)

Prenatal Radiation Exposure: A Fact Sheet for Physicians

Prussian Blue

Public Health in the Time of Bioterrorism

Public health response to biological and chemical weapons-WHO guidance (2004)

Radiation and Health Effects

American College of Radiology - Radiation Disasters: Preparedness & Response for Radiology

Rapid Access Mass Decontamination Protocol

Rapid Contingency Plans for Responding to Victims of a Chemical Attack

Shipping Samples from People Exposed to Chemical Terrorism Agents

Weapons of Mass Destruction Events with Contaminated Casualties

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