Disaster Preparedness for Health Care Facilities

The Centre for Excellence in Emergency Preparendness (CEEP) is developing a textbook that will encompass all aspects of health care facility disaster preparedness. This is an ongoing project of CEEP and when completed, this textbook will provide a comprehensive and integral part in disaster preparedness.

Please note that there are currently no chapters available for viewing or download at this time. We will post the entire textbook as one complete entity. Members will be updated when the textbook is posted. If you wish to become a member of CEEP, please go to the For Members page to join.

Topics to be included:

  • Introduction to Disasters and Disaster Planning
  • Risk and Hazard Vulnerability Analysis
  • Readiness and Mitigation
  • IMS and Communications
  • Triage
  • Hospital Emergency Surge Capacity
  • Volunteers
  • Preparing for Mass Gatherings
  • Scene Safety
  • Analgesia and Mass Casualty Incidents
  • Emerging Infections
  • Disasters with Contaminations
  • Paedtrics in Disasters
  • Family Reunification
  • Disaster Psychiatry
  • Psychosocial Issues in Disasters
  • Ethics
  • Medico-legal Issues