Benefits of Membership

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CEEP Members

The CEEP website offers members the opportunity to post messages, establish discussion groups, email each other and join a mailing list. This part of the website is managed by a third party, LinkingHealthProfessionals (LHP).

In order to join and benefit from these functions, please click here, which will bring you to The Centre for Excellence in Emergency Preparedness portal of LHP.

who is lhp?

Linking Health Professionals

CEEP started our colloraboration with LHP in 2008 to help our members with enrolment, information sharing and member-wide communication. With the ability to reach all of our members with a few key strokes, it has allowed us to more freely correspond with each other and relay important updates to our members. This partnership supplements our main website at and is not meant to represent the full content that is only available through the website. To learn more about this organization and how they help to bring together members of the healthcare community, go to their website at LinkingHealthProfessionals.

If you do have any suggestions as to how we can make LHP more user interactive and responsive to your needs, we would like to hear your comments. Please send your comments to us by using our Contact Us submission form.