terrorism - biological terrorism


Anthrax - A Possible Case History

Anthrax as a Biological Weapon

Applying Lessons Learned from Anthrax Case History to Other Scenarios

Public Health Response to Anthrax Incidents of 2001

Boiling and Bacillus Spores

Clinical and Epidemiologic Principles of Anthrax

Clinical Presentation of Inhalational Anthrax Following Bioterrorism Exposure - Report of 2 Surviving Patients

Death due to Bioterrorism-Related Inhalational Anthrax Report of 2 Patients 2001

Emergency response to anthrax attack

Human Anthrax Associated with an Epizootic Among Livestock - North Dakota 2000

Inactivation of Bacillus anthracis Spores

Investigation of Bioterrorism-Related Anthrax, United States, Epidemiologic Findings

Modeling the optimum duration of antibiotic prophylaxis in an anthrax attack

NIOSH Procedures for Collecting Environmental Samples for Culturing Bacillus anthracis

Notice to Readers-Occupational Health Guidelines for Remediation Workers

Novel Sample Preparation Method for Safe and Rapid Detection of Bacillus anthracis Spores in Environmental Powders and Nasal Swabs

Ounce of Prevention-Mass Antibiotic Prophylaxis for Anthrax NYC 2001

Protecting Investigators Performing Environmental Sampling for Bacillus anthracis-Personal Protective Equipment

PCR Assay To Detect Bacillus anthracis Spores in Heat-Treated Specimens

Susceptibility of Bacillus anthracis to eleven antimicrobial agents

Botulinum Toxin as a Biological Weapon

Botulinum Toxin Fact Sheet


Botulism in the United States 1899-1996

Facts about Botulism


Ebola Fact Sheet

CIDRAP Plague: Current, comprehensive information on pathogenesis, microbiology, epidemiology, diagnosis, and treatment

Epidemiologic Determinants for Modeling Pneumonic Plague Outbreaks

Plague as a Biological Weapon

Emergency response to a smallpox attack case of mass vaccination

Evaluating Patients for Smallpox

Expected Adverse Events in a Mass Smallpox Vaccination Campaign

Facts About Smallpox

Modeling Potential Responses to Smallpox as a Bioterrorist Weapon

Risk Communication Health Care Facilities Smallpox Vaccinations

Smallpox - An Attack Scenario

Smallpox as a Biological Weapon Medical and Public Health Management

Smallpox-Clinical and Epidemiologic Features

Smallpox Disease and Immunocompromised Persons - Frequently Asked Questions

Smallpox Response Plan and Guidelines

The Threat of Smallpox: Eradicated but Not Erased

Frequently Asked Questions About Tularemia

Tularemia as a Biological Weapon Medical and Public Health Management

Tularemia Fact Sheet

Hemorrhagic Fever Viruses as Biological Weapons

Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers

Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers (VHFs): Hazard Recognition

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