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CEEP Annual General Meeting.

Disaster Forum. Banff, AB, Oct 24-26, 2024. Building Connections in Emergency Management & Business Continuity. Disaster Forum is Canada’s premier event for emergency/crisis management and business continuity professionals to discuss and analyze best practices, tools, and support for the community of practice.

DEMCON Ontario Disaster and Emergency Management Conference. Toronto, Oct 24-25, 2023. Keynotes, panel discussions, workshops, and interviews that focus on lessons learned, new initiatives, best practices, and on topics such as : disaster response and recovery, community resilience, and climate change

CRHNet symposium Canadian Risks and Hazards Network. Edmonton, Oct 24-26, 2023. Together, let us reimagine resilience through Disaster Risk Reduction! Let us rethink traditional approaches and paradigms and produce new and innovative solutions that can improve resilience.

Society for Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness Conference. Building the Discipline of Disaster Medicine and Public Health. Washington, D.C., December 4-6, 2023. ...a forum for those engaged in disaster risk reduction, disaster medicine response or recovery.

IPRED 2024. International Preparedness and Response to Emergencies and Disasters. Tel Aviv, Israel January 14-17. Held in Israel every two years, this conference brings together people who deal with emergencies and disasters worldwide, enriching each other with everything new on the subject. Alongside the lectures and discussions over two days, there is a huge exhibition with all the innovations dealing with emergencies and disasters. Concludes with an extensive exercise revealing the innovations and practices related to disasters and emergencies.


Online disaster course

CEEP has been involved in a project multiyear project to develop a comprehensive Disaster Preparedness for Healthcare online course. Some of the contents will be similar to what you may know from the textbook Disaster Preparedness for Healthcare Facilities but it has been updated to include content on cyber security, community mental health, wellness, etc. The course will allow you and your staff to receive accredited education in healthcare disaster preparedness without needing to travel and at a significantly lower expense than in person courses.


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The text is geared towards health care workers such as adult and pediatric physicians and nurses, paramedics and health care facility administrators and covers disaster preparedness for health care facilities such as hospitals and long-term care homes


Academic review of the contents was done by international leaders in the disaster preparedness field from the United States, UK and Israel.


The Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians Disaster Committee is represented at CEEP board by the committee chair.

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