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Hospital Planning

Health sector guidelines in emergency preparedness

Physicians, nurses, other health care professionals, hospital administrators, health planners and funding agencies have specific and unique requirements in emergency planning development. Nonetheless, these planning initiatives must be integrated with emergency management as a whole at all levels of planning.

Components of health care emergency preparedness may include:


  • Standards for mitigation, preparedness, protection, response and recovery

  • Tools for risk assessment

  • Templates for risk management

  • Reliable and valid methodologies for assessment of compliance with the standards, and risk management strategies

  • Educational programs for providers

  • A consistent incident management tool for health care

  • Integrated response plans with other health care providers

  • Integrated response plans with emergency response providers

  • Access to funding/resources to support the health component of integrated response

  • An objective third party certifying agency to assess readiness of health care organizations

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