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The surge does not stop at the hospital doors

Khorram-Manesh A. Flexible surge capacity–public health, public education, and disaster management. Health promotion perspectives. 2020;10(3):175.

(Surge capacity: a concept that includes vulnerability analysis, community awareness, vulnerable populations, education, and so much more...)

Context: The standard approach to disaster planing leaves gaps in all facets of disaster response, especially when it comes to meeting the needs of underserved communities.

Methods: Systematic literature review on flexible surge capacity, the concept of including community in disaster planning. Search terms used: flexible, surge capacity, disasters, healthcare, delivery, emergencies, community, resources, and public health

Conclusion: Flexible surge capacity is necessary to respond to disasters and would increase efficacy and efficiency of over-taxed emergency management structures. A huge interdisciplinary effort and a robust public health system would be necessary.