Mission & Vision

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Our mission is to facilitate and maintain optimal Canadian health emergency preparedness by providing expert consensus based on evidence and best practice.

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Emergency Preparedness is the readiness for unexpected lethal or harmful events involving more casualties than health care infrastructure are normally designed to handle.

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About Us

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The Centre for Excellence in Emergency Preparedness is comprised of experts from across Canada in emergency medicine, public health, infectious diseases, toxicology, emergency medical

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What we do

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The mandate of CEEP is to support and inform existing structures and processes in achieving a standard of excellence in health emergency preparedness.

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What makes CEEP unique?

CEEP has a few characteristics that make it a unique organization in the context of Canadian disaster response.

Health Care: CEEP's primary focus is health care. While emergency preparedness by definition is multi-faceted and interdependent among various agencies, we will address issues from a health-centred perspective.

Emergency Planning: While the management of trauma and illness related to disasters may be viewed as an extension of health care in general, our focus will be on health care mitigation/prevention, preparedness, response and recovery consistent with federal, provincial and municipal legislation and direction. Furthermore, we will break down the traditional silos between health and other agencies by developing educational programs and promoting common terminology and incident management templates.

Best Evidence/Best Practice: Perhaps the true uniqueness of CEEP is demonstrated by our commitment to science and research. As academic-based clinicians and experts in emergency planning, our standards, opinions, educational programs, and all documents bearing CEEP identification will be based on best evidence or expert consensus with respect to best practice.

A "Bottom-up" Approach: A key component of CEEP's role is to bring a front-line perspective to decision making bodies and planning structures. Our membership reflects the front line providers across Canada and is designed to inform and complement the excellent work done by "top-down" emergency planners at municipal, provincial and federal levels.

National Mandate: CEEP's mandate is national, as reflected in its membership. This means that our output will be inclusive and applicable and reflect distinctly Canadian issues regarding preparedness for natural and man-made threats. Our goal is to provide and integrate standards, processes and programs across jurisdictions, to promote consistency and seamlessness across Canada.

Position Paper on Healthcare Facility and Agency Disaster Preparedness in Canada

Despite evidence to the contrary, most authorities in Canada perceive our healthcare disaster readiness to be far more advanced than it is while in fact we remain dangerously unprepared.

This paper is a candid look into our healthcare diaster readiness as a whole and the stop gap solutions suggested in moving forward.

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Upcoming Conferences & Events

Listed below are some of the upcoming conferences and events for disaster planning and emergency preparedness. If you would like to add a conference or event you do not see listed here, please contact us.

Disaster News

Find global and national news related to disasters and disaster planning on our new Disaster News page. These news stories will be featured as updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages but will also be added to our Disaster News page.