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Pediatric disaster resources

Thom Gonzalez,

Pediatric Disaster Preparedness and response topic collection
(American Academy of Pediatrics)

Overview and general facility readiness
NYC Pediatric Disaster Healthcare Coalition Toolkits

Curriculum Recommendations for Disaster Health Professionals

Pediatric ED and EMS Everyday Readiness
National Prehospital Pediatric Readiness Program
US National Pediatric Readiness Program
Pediatric Readiness: Every Child, Every Day
Leveling the Playing Field A Pediatric Disaster Education Concept of Operations
Pediatric Readiness Program Education (Oregon Health Department)

General Paediatric Surge Guidance
Pediatric Surge Crisis Response
Pediatric Surge Technical Assistance Resource (ASPR-TRACIE)
Pediatric Surge Recommendations (Pediatric Pandemic Network)

Pediatric Hazard Vulnerability Analysis Tool (EGLPCDR/EIIC)

Pediatric Annex for Hospital Emergency Operations Plan (Oregon)
Pediatric and Neonatal Surge Annex (Illinois) 
Alameda County California Pediatric Surge Plan Template
Pediatric and Neonatal Surge Annex (ESF8 Illinois):
Rady Children's Surge Planning Train the Trainer
California Department of Public Health Pediatric Surge
ASPR TRACIE Pediatric Surge Annex Webinar
WNY Pediatric Surge Work Group (ppt)
Pediatric (Non-PICU) Hospital Surge Plan Guidelines (New York):

Respiratory Clinical  Surge Guidance
Nov 2022: Surge in Acute Pediatric Respiratory Illness Update and Strategies Webinar (NYC Pediatric Disaster Coalition)
Recognition and Management of Pediatric Respiratory Distress video playlist (OpenPediatrics)
Pediatric Surge Resources (WRAP-EM)
CDC COVID-19 Caring for Children
Real-Time COVID Learning Network (Pediatrics)
EMSC Innovation and Improvement Center: COVID Resources
Pediatric COVID webinars and collaboratives
Don't Forget the Bubbles​: Managing a Busy Emergency Department and Respiratory Illness
The Respiratory Surge - how to manage a busy ED
High Flow Help (DFTB)
Children's Colorado Clinical Pathways
Yale New Haven Children's Clinical Pathways
Children's of Philadelphia Clinical Pathways

Pediatric Disaster Mental Health and Resiliency
Helping children and teens recover from disaster (Alberta Health)
Children and Disasters Technical Assistance Center (SAMSHA):
Psychological First Aid Field Operations Guide (Dept of VA and NCTSN)
Helping Children Cope and Adjust After a Disaster (AAP)
Tip Sheets for Children in Disaster in English and Spanish (Disastershock)
Child Life Disaster Relief
National Center for School Crisis and Bereavement
National Child Traumatic Stress Network
Listen, protect, connect (LPC) Psychological First Aid System
Child Mind Institute
American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) Disaster Liasion Network Library

Specific clinical scenarios
Pediatric Terrorism and Disaster Preparedness: A Resource for pediatricians.
Self test on Radiation Disaster Issues in Children
Paediatric blast injury field manual. Centre for blast injury studies. Imperial College of London.

Resource allocation/Crisis Standards of Care
Pediatric Surge Crisis Standards of Care (module) Minnesota
Patient Care Scarce Resource Strategies (Minnesota)
Crisis Standards of Care - Pediatrics (Nebraska)
Scarce Resource Management & Crisis Standards of Care Adult and Pediatrics (Washington Dept of Health)
Arizona Crisis Standards of Care Plan 2020 (Includes Pediatrics)

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