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CAEP 2021 disaster track lectures

The following lectures took place at the CAEP21 virtual conference. The sessions are recorded and available to registrants in case they missed the original webcast.

(How a much smaller country with a socialised health care system like Canada is doing so much better with COVID)

'Lend a shoulder' COVID vaccination in Israel (Odeda BENIN GOREN, RN, phD)

An overview of COVID in Israel and its management -- strategy, statistics, and execution of mass vaccination, while also dealing with violent conflict.

Toa Heftiba Şinca from Pexels

Description: In December 2020, Israel started a mass vaccination operation. By the mid of March 2021 half of Israeli citizens had received the COVID-19 vaccine. Criteria for the vaccination were updated as an ongoing process due to new variants of the COVID-19 virus and accumulated data. The operation is a collaboration between the Ministry of Health and other agencies. This complicated operation will be presented in the lecture Objectives

  • Major challenges in mass vaccination operation

  • Coordination and cooperation

  • Organizational flexibility