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Image by Marc Szeglat

The mandate of CEEP is to support and inform existing structures and processes in achieving a standard of excellence in health emergency preparedness.


This consists of asking practical questions defined by our stakeholders and researching the answers based on the best available evidence. It may involve sharing best practice from one jurisdiction to others, or researching the literature on best practice outside of Canada and adapting it to our specific environments. Needs assessment tools will be created, to allow gaps in preparedness to be identified, and educational programs developed to address the gaps.

Standards, tools, educational programs and position papers will be produced according to need. Many of these do not need to be created from scratch - they already exist in many forms throughout the country. In these circumstances, CEEP will serve as a clearing house for expertise, and a forum to build consensus based on best practices, to promote this consensus through federal and provincial agencies and achieve a high standard of consistency and seamlessness in knowledge and in practice.

CEEP is a non-profit organization dependent on grants from funding agencies and cost-recovery from consultative and educational relationships with public and private organizations.

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